On average do women outwork men?

Ladies, do you feel you outwork your male counterparts? The numbers suggest that you do. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Time Use Survey for 2010, women use more of their time working, doing household activities and taking care of their children than men do.

No guys, we are not lazy, well not all of us, but statistically on a day-to-day basis we are outperformed by the opposite sex. The survey looks at different activities that many of us do during the day and organizes them into categorize.

  • Working (employment)
  • Household Activities (cooking, cleaning, lawn care)
  • Leisure Activities (TV, sports, working out)
  • Child Care

Employment: According to the labor survey men slightly edged women out in the employment category. The average hours worked per day is 7.5 including full-time and part-time employees for both genders. Men on average work 8.1 hours compared to women coming in at 7.7 hours for full-time employment. Don’t get excited guys, that is the only statistic we are ahead on until we look at time spent watching TV and playing sports.

Household: When it comes to household activities, well guys you may want to just skip this next sentence. On an average day 84% of women compared to 67% of men spend some time doing household activities including cleaning, cooking, lawn care, financial management and general house upkeep. During those days women spend 30 minutes more doing those tasks.

Leisure: Leisure is a broader grouping that included daily activities such as watching television, participating in sporting events, exercise and general socializing and communication. Men average doing these activities 5.5 hours each day compared to women at 4.8 hours. I’m not sure if I would consider any of these actions work, but being we are looking at an accumulated list of daily activities, its tossed into the bucket.

Child Care: Honestly these numbers surprised me, although I’m a bit bias as a single father. In homes with a child under 6 years of age women average 2.5 hours being the primary care giver which is an hour longer than men. Caring for the child as a primary activity includes tasks like physical care, reading/talking to the children and playing/hobbies with the kids. When looking at households with older children (6-18), the difference in time is reduced from 1 hour to about 10 minutes.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are only averages from a survey taken between 2006-2010. I am fully aware that there are men and women out there that work many more hours a day than what is mentioned in this post. I know this because I am one of them, but the numbers being reported are impressive and all I can say is, good job ladies.