5 Tips For Finding The Cheapest Auto Insurance


Tip 1: Search Online
The best way to find a cheap auto insurance is by conducting your search online.

Tip 2: Search Free Quotes Sites
Next, go to the free quote sites and input your information. Start out general with just your zip code and the kind of car you drive at first to gauge the range of prices different insurers will charge.

Tip 3: Compare Prices
When you have searched the free quote sites, get the cheapest auto insurance by comparing the different quotes.

Tip 4: Get Discounts And Slice It Different Ways
Look for everything from student discounts for your teen drivers, to multi-policy discounts for getting your homeowners or renters insurance through the same company that sells you auto insurance.

Know this: sometimes insurance does not make sense. Sometimes your teen’s insurance drops significantly when you shop for their own individual policy. You can help pay for it, or not, but it is like a lot of insurance — it just is what it is . No one knows why, and that’s why it is important to go after the cheapest possible policies just by shopping around among the different quotes.

Tip 5: Search Every Time Your Insurance Is Renewing
Never get too comfortable with any one insurance company. It may seem to counter the lip service they give you as a “valued”, “long-term” customer, but they are going to charge you more if you stick around too long. Insurers give out the incredibly low rates to the newest customers often times at the expense of customers who just simply auto-renew their policies without shopping around for new insurance.

Follow these five tips to make strides toward getting cheap auto coverage. Compare prices using free quotes sites. Then play around with the options until you have the coverage you need at the best price.